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परिक्रामी आत्मा | 'Revolving Soul' | Painting

परिक्रामी आत्मा | 'Revolving Soul' | Painting



| MEDIUM: Acrylics | A2 | 59.4 x 42.0 cm


It is the natural transition of our beautiful trees during seasonal changes that inspired me to look within. 


And see that we are no different. 

We continue to stand tall despite everything. ☀️


The bird and the feather represent my outer self and inner self, respectively.



The root of the tree is rich in colours representing our true potential of existence. 


I hope everyone will see that in themselves. Every single day.




If you look at the palette from a clockwise view, 


The greys represent our human tendency to self destruct.


The warm red/orange represents how our human mind is yet hardwired to hope. 


The rich optimum blues reflect my true state of contentment.


| Meaning behind the TITLE | 


परिक्रमि / परिक्रमा means circumambulation - to walk around something.


परिक्रामी means Revolving


I chose the latter to not just represent the tree in its literal form but more so, the existential essence. 

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